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Look at this: share what you see

Course: 236754 (Project in intelligent systems) or 236874 (Project in computer vision) (3 points)
Instructors: Yehonatan Goldman
Number of students: 2
prerequisites: Computer Vision and/or Image Processing 


Look at this: share what you see


Sometimes we try to point at an object for a friend who stands next to us, and find osut that it is not so easy. “A picture is worth a thousand words” – it is difficult to explain literally what we see. When a friend is far away this process becomes even harder, since the depth of the scene affects how it looks like from different places.

In this project we will develop a smartphone application which is a step towards “visual social network”. It will allow users to send images, guide them where to look at when they receive an image, and mark the desired object on their real-time view.
We will use some smartphone’s sensors, such as accelerometers, magnetometer, GPS receiver and the camera. We will develop, use and implement computer vision algorithms which are the core of the application.



  1. Basic image processing course (236327, 046200)
  2. Android background – highly recommended
  3. Ability to use open source tools such as OpenCV and others.
  4. Creativity, interest in the field and ability to learn new subjects.
  5. Background in computer vision is recommended: features, detectors, descriptors, multiple view geometry. Relevant courses: 236873, 046746, 086761


The project will be developed using Android Studio.


Contact information:

Yehonatan Goldman
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.