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Vision Aided Navigation (086761) – Fall 2017


The course focuses on fundamental topics in vision aided navigation (VAN) and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), which

are essential for autonomous operation in unknown, uncertain or dynamically changing environments.

Topics to be covered include: Bayesian inference, state of the art SLAM and VAN approaches, and bundle adjustment. Depending on
progress, some of the following advanced topics will be also briefly covered: multi-robot cooperative localization and mapping, active
SLAM and belief space planning, intro/overview of recent deep learning approaches.

This joint-level course will be given in Fall semester 2017 on Sundays, 13:30-16:30. The course will be given in English to allow
participation of international students.

Additional information:
- Course syllabus & Further information: link
- Lecturer: Assist. Prof. Vadim Indelman (AE, TASP), www

 Course details: PDF


Vision Aided Navigation (086761) – Fall 2017