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Using curves for image registration to aid 3D reconstruction

Course: 236754 (Project in intelligent systems) or 236874 (Project in computer vision) (3 points)
Instructor: Elad Osherov
Number of students: 2
prerequisites: Computer Vision and/or Image Processing 


This project is part of an ongoing research involving computer vision for maritime navigation. In this project you will implement a stereo rig for a maritime environment. This rig include two cameras and a processing unit and will be built in the lab environment.

Since maritime environment could be overloaded by many non-distinctive keypoints or without any keypoints, we aim to implement a 3D reconstruction algorithm based on lines or curves, instead of using keypoints (which is the common way in image registration).
In this project you will build a stereo rig and calibrate it using standard libraries. You will design and implement a registration algorithm based on lines and curves and evaluate the results.
Basic knowledge in Image Processing or Computer Vision is needed, but a keen and curious student will be able to learn most of the knowledge without the proper course using an online course.


Using curves for image registration to aid 3D reconstructionUsing curves for image registration to aid 3D reconstruction


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Elad Osherov
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