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Software integration with SAMSON nano-satellite

Course: 236754 (Project in intelligent systems) (3 points)
Instructor: Eviatar Edlerman
Number of students: 2
prerequisites: C++ skills 


Space Autonomous Mission for Swarming and Geolocation with Nanosatellites (SAMSON) is a new satellite mission, led by the Technion (PI: P. Gurfil) and supported by the Israeli space industries. Adelis-SAMSON will include three nano-satellites, built based on the CubeSat standard. The mission is planned for at least one year, and has two main goals: (1) Demonstrate long-term autonomous cluster flight of multiple satellites, with algorithms based on DSSL's ERC-funded FADER study; and (2) Determine the position of a cooperative terrestrial emitter based on time difference of arrival (TDOA) and/or frequency difference of arrival (FDOA).

In this project students will develop the required code to integrate the satellite sun sensors with the main computer. Develop the software that read the sensors measurements, health parameters and send different commands. Programing is done in C on the RTEMS environment. This code will be part of the Technion satellite mission that will be launched to space at 2017-2018.




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