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Downing Quads

Course: 236754 (Project in intelligent systems) or 236874 (Project in computer vision) (3 points)
Instructor: Hector Rotstein
Number of students: 2
prerequisites: Computer Vision and/or Image Processing


In 2013 a quadcopter crashed in front of Angela Merkel during a political rally (see, for instance, rising amused smiles and also some concerns. Since then, this technology has become mature and mainstream, and numerous practical and commercial applications have either emerged or under active development by fast moving start-up companies. At the same time, the potentials risks to safety, security and privacy that arise from the proliferation of quadcopters are now clearly evident and need to be addressed in an appropriate manner.
The purpose of this project is to disrupt the normal flight of a quadcopter using "non-violent" means. In particular, the project will study how to "hack" the GPS receiver on board the quadcopter to prevent the vehicle from perform its malicious mission. In order to do that, a "defender" quadcopter will be provided with RF interference means and several different alternatives for disrupting the incoming vehicle behavior will be investigated.


Downing Quads


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