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Virtual Reality System for Active Classification of Person Identity

Course: 236754 (Project in intelligent systems) or 236874 (Project in computer vision) (3 points)
Instructor: Igor Kviatkovsky
Number of students: 2
prerequisites: Computer Vision and/or Image Processing 


Up until now, most of the computer vision systems have inferred personal attributes or behavior in a passive fashion, namely they could observe but could not interact with the subject. A classic example is a surveillance camera system identifying subjects based on their gait patterns. Recent developments in natural user interface (NUI) and gaming consoles gave rise to interactive scenarios in which a system is able, at each step, to guide the subject to perform the most valuable action for successful classification of the attribute. There are different ways to provide such guidance varying in the level of transparency to the user on the one hand and in implementation complexity on the other.

In this project the students will implement a highly immersive framework based on Virtual Reality by combining two of the most powerful NUI devices currently available, namely the Oculus Rift and the Kinect.


Virtual Reality System for Active Classification of Person IdentityVirtual Reality System for Active Classification of Person Identity


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