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Deep learning for smart home automation

Course: 236754 (Project in intelligent systems) or 236874 (Project in computer vision) (3 points)
Instructor: Prof. Alex Bronstein
Number of students: 2
prerequisites: Computer Vision and/or Image Processing


With the advent of home automation and Internet of things technologies, sensors and actuators are gradually becoming present in domestic environments. In this project, we are going to use modern deep learning techniques to analyze smart home data, infer about the needs of the inhabitants, and act accordingly. The project will commence with analyzing about a year worth of off-line recordings in a real smart home including tens of controllable light points, irrigation and AC controls, water and current meters, infrared and door opening sensors, temperature probes, ambient microphones and surveillance cameras, and a multimedia system. Sufficiently mature solutions will be eventually tested on real-time data feeds and can be even integrated into the existing system.
Since this is a bottomless topic, several projects will be offered by the PI with specific goals established together with the students in the beginning of the project.


Deep learning for smart home automation


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