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Monocular Vision Assisted Odometry

Monocular Vision Assisted OdometryStudents: Giorgio Tabarani, Christian Galinski
Instructor: Amir Geva

The goal in this project was to come up with an algorithm based on a somewhat cheap accessory one can attach to a robot and determine the distance to an obstacle. This accessory is a camera which can be found anywhere nowadays from mobile phones to tablets and wearables and standalone cheap cameras which can cost no more than $5.



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Ground Control Station for UAV Quadcopter

Ground Control Station for UAV QuadcopterStudents: Ran Glait, Kfir Nir-Zvi
Instructor: Majd Srour

Autonomous Quadcopters are used to different purposes where they are required to navigate from a starting point to a destination point in its area. Thus, a GCS (Ground Control Station) should have information about local and target positions of the UAV.


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Ego Motion Project

Ego Motion Projectסטודנטים: בוריס נישלוק, מיכאל נרודיצקי
מנחה: אלכס קרמר

מטרת הפרוייקט היתה לחקור ולממש יכולת זיהוי תנועה שביצע מכשיר "סמארטפון" באמצעות חישנים המשובצים בו.






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Detecting moving objects in freely moving camera

Detecting moving objects in freely moving cameraStudents: Amer Sheeny, Foad Rezek
Supervisors: Udi Barzelay, Dror Porat, Prof. Ehud Rivlin

With the significant growth of moving camera platforms like smartphones, robots and vehicles; a large portion of the video content is captured by moving cameras, and there is vital need for algorithms that isolate “interesting” objects in the captured videos. These “interesting” objects are often moving objects.
The main challenge in this domain is distinguishing the motion induced by moving the camera itself, from the motion induced by the moving objects.

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Computer Assisted Classification of Adenocarcinoma II

Computer Assisted Classification of Adenocarcinoma IIStudent: Ofer Givoli
Instructor: Dr. Erez Berkovich

This project extend a previous project done in 2012. The problem domain is images that are the digital scanning of H&E stained tissues taken from the colon. A human pathologist expert segments the images into regions with the one of the following classication: normal tissue, adenoma (almost cancerous) and adenocarcinoma (cancerous). 

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