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Robot Navigation Project

Robot Navigation ProjectThis project involves the implementation of several robot navigation algorithms on the Range-finder interface platform.

The problem navigation algorithms try to solve is to get a robot from a starting position to a target position without entering any obstacles in the way. To solve this problem a model is designed. The model involves a two dimentional workspace with obstacles in the form of closed polygons. The obstacles do not touch each other and touching their boundry is not considered entering the obstacle. The robot itself is a point which can move in the workspace. The Range-finder interface platform was provided for creating simulations of robot navigation in such a model.


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Extreme Points

Extreme PointsBy: Gady Elkarif

Supervisor: Ph.D Ilan Shimshoni

Perspective Projection is a mathematical concept for projecting 3D space to a flat surface.
We know that parallel lines never meet, but they appear to do so: all the parallel lines in the same direction, in the image, meet in one point on the horizon line, called vanishing point.
The pictures we are working with are indoor scenes. They have many lines which are parallel to the x, y and z, directions. Each of them has a vanishing point, for all lines the direction parallel to that coordinate. This project is dealing with finding the Three Vanishing Points automatically by the computer.

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Path Finding

Path FindingBy: Roman Sandler

The goal of this project is to develop a supervised image segmentation tool for robot navigation.
A robot moves and images the changing scene in front of it. The procedure should divide the sequence of images into road and non-road. We developed a segmentation algorithm that divides a single image into road and non-road regions.

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Modules for 3D Mobile Platform

Modules for 3D Mobile PlatformCommunication and Navigation Modules for Experimental 3D Mobile Platform

The goal of this project is to build a software C++ based modules (classes) that provide communication and navigation functions for an experimental 3D Mobile Platform, a helicopter in our case. The overall system as it meant to be in its conclusive instance involves three sides of compound interest - allowing the helicopter to perform data collecting, espionage and other missions while being navigated automatically according to territory map. From the point of view of detached observer, the helicopter “knows” to take off from special vehicle’s roof, then fly on a pre-defined track (can be dynamically changed while flying) and perform sensors measuring, video recording of the territory etc.. And, finally, return to base by itself, i.e. return and land on the roof of the vehicle.

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Savion Software

Savion SoftwareBy: Guy Pittelko and Leonid Beder

Supervisors: Prof. Alfred M. Bruckstein, Eliyahu Osherovich and Ronen Keidar

A tool to analyze several coordinative tests using of computer vision. today, all of these tests are being measures manually using stopwatches and other measuring instruments, and thus have a large tendency for error. It also has a strong infrastructure thus allowing future expansion of the system to new tests and ideas.


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