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Person Re-Identification Application For Android

Person Re-Identification Application For AndroidStudent: Dmitry Altshuler
Instructor: Yair Atzmon

One of the security field related problems is a person re-identification via security cameras. In general, an object re-identification and in particular a person re-identification process faces a few challenges such as low resolution cameras and illumination changes. Therefore, a unique algorithm which overcomes those difficulties was developed.
In my work I have implemented this algorithm with C++ opencv and developed an android application which uses it. 

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Sparse 3d Reconstruction From A Set Of Images

Sparse 3d Reconstruction From A Set Of ImagesStudents: Vardan Papyan, Batchen Golden
Instructor: Alex Kreimer, Professor Ehud Rivlin

The goal of this project is to create a sparse 3D reconstruction of a scene from a series of images of it.



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Smart Scan Android Application

Smart Scan Android ApplicationStudents: Dan Abigadol, Eitan Netzer
Instructor: Amir Geva

Developing and implementing an android application that assists the user in placing the camera in an optimal position for scanning a document.




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RobonetStudents: Stiven Andre
Instructor: Yair Atzmon, Itai Dabran

Robotic developers need a way for robots to communicate. Swarm of robots want to communicate in a constantly changing environment. Developers need an easy to use tool for sending data between this robots.



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Augmented Reality Advertisement On A Smartphone

Augmented Reality Advertisement On A SmartphoneStudents: Aviya Levy, Shany Shmuely
Instructor: Dan Vardi, Elster Constantine

The method works by recognizing QR codes and display relevant advertisement. Implement an application which allows smartphone users to receive advertisements from android smartphone’s camera in augmented reality environment.


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