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Extracting Angles From an Image

Extracting Angles From an ImageStudents: Li-tal Kupperman, Ziv Nachum
Instructors: Yair Atzmon, Aram Movsisian

This project is a part of a bigger project. The main objective of the project is to land a quadcopter on a moving target, using the image stream form the camera, mounted on the quadcopter.
The objective of this part of the project is to extract the angles of the taken image, which represents the position of the quadcopter in the world, with respect to the target in real world. This way, the quadcopter will be able to determine its next step, in order to approach the target.


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Smart Shot

Smart ShotStudents: Boyko Konstantin Rechister Lev
Instructor: Yair Atzmon

Finding corresponding points on two cameras watching the same view from different positions.


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Robotic Face Tracking

Robotic Face Trackingסטודנטים: אופיר דה יאגר, שחר נודלר
מנחים: איגור קביאטקובסקי, פרופ' אהוד ריבלין

תחום המחשוב הזעיר הינו בפריחה בשנים האחרונות. יכולות העיבוד והצילום באמצעות מכשירים זולים וקלים יחסית, כדוגמת טלפונים חכמים, מצמצמות את הפער למחשבי השולחן. בפרויקט זה ביצענו הדגמה של התאמת אלגוריתם קלאסי מתחום הראיה הממוחשבת והבקרה הרובוטית, לעבודה על טלפון חכם. התוצאה מדגימה כי הטכנולוגיה של היום מאפשרת עיבוד של אלגוריתמי ראיה ממוחשבת, שליטה ובקרה על תנועה רובוטית, וכל זאת באמצעות מכשור קל וזול. 


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Project Flower

Project FlowerStudents: Vardan Papyan, Emil Elizarov
Instructors: Amir Geva, Prof. Ehud Rivlin

A new robot is being developed in the robotics lab. The robot's goal is transfering specific owers in a greenhouse from one place to another. The robot is being developed on a Turtlebot paltform which is equipped with a Kinect and runs on ROS.
Our goal was to create a flower detector and reconginer as a ROS node, which can be be easily used by the team who developes the robot.

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Optimally Coverage of Unknown Indoor Environment for a Mobile Robot Using Android Application

Optimally Coverage of Unknown Indoor Environment for a Mobile Robot Using Android ApplicationStudents: Nadine Toledano, Ori Ziskind
Instructor: Majd Srour

This project objective is to develop an Android application which implements the STC on-line algorithm as developed and shown in [1]. Our project’s goal was to implement an optimal navigation application of unknown bounded planar, on an Android device along with solving the problem of controlling a mobile robot in real-time. We achieved those challenges by utilization of the device’s camera, for getting input on the neighborhood environment, and avoiding obstacles. As well, we used a IOIO platform, which is attached to the robot, to manage and control the robot movement. We produced an Android application thats implements the on-line STC algorithm, and communicate with the IOIO board, sending it movement commands accordingly. 

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