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Optimally Covering An Unknown Indoor Environment

Optimally Covering An Unknown Indoor EnvironmentSemester: Winter 2011
Students: Majd Srour and Anis Abboud
Instructors: Yotam Elor

Winner of the Amdocs Project Competition of 2011!



In this project, we implemented the coverage algorithm of Gabrieli and Rimon [1] using a simple Lego robot equipped with a camera. To cover an area, the robot is required to transverse the whole area once. Mobile coverage is required for a wide variety of tasks such as cleaning, demining, searching etc. The algorithm of [1] allows the robot to cover any unknown area optimally by online constructing the optimal path. In this project we have demonstrated that the algorithm can be implemented using a simple robot.


[1] Gabriely, Y. and Rimon, E. "Spanning-tree based coverage of continuous areas by a mobile robot" IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2001. Proceedings 2001 ICRA



Project Book: [PDF]

Presentation: [PPTX]