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NEMALA (simply Ant in Hebrew) Project Overview:


NEMALA - Robotic Ant 

A Multi Agent Robotic Systems (MARS) section is active at the Center for Intelligent Systems (CIS) at the Computer Science faculty, since the year of 2000. All robotic activities which are related to the MARS and Ants Robotic research are done at the MARS laboratory. After defining the precise needs of the MARS robotic platform, we performed a wide market survey in attempt to find a product which can be bought in large quantities and will serve as the MARS research robotic platform. Fortunately, in retrospect, we could not find an 'off the shelf' product that fully meets our needs.  In 2005 we decided to start developing NEMALA robotic platform at CIS. The NEMALA, an ant-like small modular robot, will be produced in large quantities, for various research activities at the CIS laboratory, with a high potential to serve other research educational institutes as well as certain industry developers. Nowadays, we are building the third prototype of the NEMALA Drive Module, after releasing version 2 of the NEMALA Calculation Module (MARS-MU2) last year. MARS-MU2 calculation module is widely wanted as an embedded developing and prototyping platform due to its unique simple, yet strong, interface. The NEMALA project future tasks are; producing the Sensors Module, Radio Module and planning a Manipulator Module. Production of software simulator for the NEMALA is planned as a second priority designate and it will be carried out according to time and funding limitations.